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Design of facade systems

Design of facade systems

Facade design

The design of ventilated facade systems has gained considerable momentum today. A wide variety of finishing materials allows you to transform the facade of the old building, to correct any defects or inaccuracies, to give the building a modern attractive look. The design of facade systems involves their installation both on old buildings, if it comes to reconstruction, and on new construction sites.

Before proceeding with the design of the curtain wall, the necessary data, test results are collected, regulatory documents are studied, the seismicity of the area, and the wind load on the building are studied. After obtaining the necessary data, a suitable design of the curtain wall is selected. This is a rather time-consuming process, because everything is worked out to the smallest detail. The type of necessary brackets, the maximum size of the facing material, the spacing step, and the wiring diagram as a whole are selected.

The project documentation provides detailed information on each plane of the facade. The arrangement of the brackets is indicated, the color of the facing material is shown in detail, everything is shown schematically and structured, taking into account the space for ventilation.


Visualization of the project of the facade of the building allows you to verify and timely adjust the architectural and design solution with its real implementation. When calculating facade systems, many factors are taken into account: fastenings of guide profiles and brackets, angular and straight parts of the facade system are being worked out, attention is paid to the peculiarities of mounting the basement and parapet.

At the final stage of the project is the specification. A voluminous list is created of absolutely all structural elements of the designed facade with an indication of sizes, articles, colors and the number of units.

Alternative company specialists carry out design tasks of any complexity, for a minimum period of time. High qualification of employees allows us to carry out even the most complex projects. We carry out the design of facade systems for residential, office, public, administrative, industrial, commercial, high-rise buildings and structures. More than 10 years of experience and a wide geography of deliveries allow us to guarantee the high quality of manufacturing and design of curtain walls of buildings.

For a long time, our company “RS-Project” has been our faithful partner in resolving the issues of designing curtain walls. More detailed information about our partners on their official website.